Freelance front-end developer


I will help you bring your ideas to life.

Sample services:

- Choosing and registering domain
- Responsive Web Design
- Sliders, galleries
- converting psd to html
- UX consultation
- Wordpress

Let you website photos speak for you.

Great photos always gather great attention. I`m constanlty cooperating with professionals who are specializing in product, fashion and portrait photography.
You can see some of their work choosing the "photography" category in my portfolio.

Language is not a border anymore.

I`m cooperating with professional tranlators of Polish, English and German languages. Let your website be accessible to wider audience be making it multilingual.


Below you can see some of my works. Couple of web projects, wordpress customizations, effects of my cooperation with photographers and graphics and applications I wrote in Javascript.


I am focused on the front-end and UX area. I am also a musician recording, playing shows and teaching guitar.
I have hands on experience in the following areas: HTML5, CSS3, Java Script (AngularJS 1, jQuery), SASS, Bootstrap, Wordpress, JIRA, Axure, MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, GIT, Google Firebase and blues improvisation :)

Nice to meet you!

Let`s work together!

Lukas Przybylowicz
Front-end developer


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